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Safety and Cleaning 

Skagit county dog boarding

Safety Mindset

A safety mindset is one of our main focusses here at SCC. We have cameras inside the suites and in their outside runs. 

Our onsite security system keeps all animals secure at night and the building is also equipped with an automatic fire alarm system. There is also a volunteer fire station less than 2 miles away.


Our mission at SCC is that when your dog goes home they feel not only mentally and physically enriched but overall safe.  One of the ways we ensure this is by not doing group play unless the dogs are from the same household.  We spend the one on one time out with your dog on nature walks amongst the 20 acres and playing inside to keep them stimulated.

Fresh Air

Your dog's suite has 24/7 fresh air being circulated throughout with our top of the line exhaust fans supported by our energy efficient heating and cooling system to ensure the temperature stays controlled and comfortable throughout their stay. 

Skagit county happy dog boarding
Image by Lenin Estrada


Our suites are sanitized twice a day with hospital-quality disinfectant. Before each new dog arrives we use a UV-C light to thoroughly sterilize the entire suite.  All play areas are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.  Water and food dishes are never shared and are sanitized daily.  

First Aid

Everyone working on site has gone through dog CPR and first aid training as well as fear free dog training classes.  We worked with our preferred veterinarian Dr. Dan Sargeant at Mountain View Vet to design an extensive dog first aid kit.

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