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At this moment we do not require a trial night. We DO NOT take dogs who are people aggressive or reactive. If your dog or our staff cannot be kept safe due to aggressive behaviors while here they will be asked to leave and your deposit will be charged.  If you are unsure, please book a trial stay. 

Skagit Canine Club is set up to cater to the unique needs of each of our guests. 

🐶 Luxury 12'x6' suites engineered with sound dampening state of the art materials and fully contained from both other dogs and the outside world for a low stress, peaceful environment.


🐶 Orthopedic raised bed, clean cozy bedding, fresh water available at all times.

🐶 Accommodations are cleaned daily with pet-safe, hospital grade cleaning products and UV-C light. 

🐶 The sounds of soothing music flow through every suite making a calming environment. 

🐶 Comprehensive wellness checks performed daily.

🐶 Our onsite security system keeps all animals secure at night and the building is also equipped with an automatic fire alarm system. We also have cameras in their suite and outside runs.

🐶 Medications administered at no additional cost- check FAQ for more details as certain medications are not allowed.


🐶 Minimum 6 daily outings a day- nature walks or indoor play.  All dogs get individual playtime unless here with a doggie sibling. Private play customized for what your dog enjoys most from fetch to belly rubs, we allow your dog to choose what they like to do. 

What’s Required

For any dog staying at our facility we require current proof of vaccinations. Vaccinations must be uploaded into our system or emailed to us before a reservation can be made. Deposit of 50%, full refund given if cancellation notice is given within 48 hours. Please see FAQ for more information.

Vaccinations include

Distemper (DHLPP or DHPP), Bordetella, Rabies Vaccine- Titer tests and self-administrated vaccines are not accepted. While we do not require the CIV (canine flu) vaccine, we do highly recommend it. We always encourage all pet parents to discuss vaccinations with their preferred veterinarian to ensure your pet remains as safe, happy and healthy as possible.

$60/Night 15% discount for 2nd family dog sharing a suite 

Think of the Skagit Canine Club like a hotel: On check-in day, you pay for that day and when you pick up your pup before 11 you are not charged for that day at check-out. If you pick up before 11 you will get this credit at check-out. 


Drop off and Pick up times are by appointment only, if you need a time outside of our hours please call or email to check availability. If available we can allow times outside of normal hours for a $25/charge.


If you need to have your pup stay until the afternoon pick up hours (3-5) we charge for that day.


Individualized packages and enrichment add-ons available when you make your reservation or at drop-off (if available) 

Customized enrichment add ons

Our Stuffed Kong and Lick mat choices will please any dog connoisseur. Our special home-made recipes change monthly with an added treat option available Friday-Sunday, or have them try our brain teasers, which are treat-filled puzzle toys. We offer different challenge levels to make sure they won’t get frustrated or solve the puzzle too quickly. 


Catered to your dog's idea of a good time!

**We will work on sit/stay commands, engaging their focus. **Fun sniff 'find the treat' games with staff.

**Obstacle course toys- tunnels, hurdles, weave poles & more!


Special treats

*Home-made recipes* JUNE/JULY Kong and frozen lick mat

Apple pie inspired-apple slices sprinkled w/cinnamon, plain yogurt, salmon bites, bacon bones.

Weekend treat bowl- Fri-Sun JUNE/JULY 

Chicken, rice, broth, carrots 

 K-9 Brain teaser puzzles filled with organic salmon treats


Nighttime Tuck in (aka sophisticated senior)

Here at SCC senior dogs hold a special place in our hearts, let us pamper your loved one the way you do while you are away.

**nighttime snuggles, brush time and treats 

Of course, it's not only our seniors who love the extra snuggles any dog would love the extra cuddles, treats and brushing to create a relaxing bedtime routine.


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