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About Skagit Canine Club

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Our suites were designed with your dog in mind.  Each suite is 12'x6' engineered with sound dampening state of the art materials they are fully contained from both other dogs and the outside world for a low stress, peaceful environment. Suite doors have built in windows with shades to allow natural light in and allow us to close the shade if a dog would rather not have any outside distractions.  

We have over 17K square feet of indoor fun! We also have 20 acres of natural resource land encouraging every dog to tap into all of their senses. 

At SCC space is very limited, allowing every dog to get a maximum amount of intimate one on one time with the staff. 

Mountain Range

About the Owner

I would like to welcome you here to Skagit Canine Club as the owner and day to day operations manager. 

The dream for Skagit Canine Club was inspired by my first love, a Shepherd mix Carson and began long before we landed at this property.  Carson had a “special” personality and after an accident took the sight from her right eye, she didn’t always warm up quickly to every dog she met.  That being said there weren’t a lot (or any) boarding places I felt comfortable taking her to.  The dream to build one for her and dogs like her as well as those more "happy go lucky" personalities began. The love for animals was nurtured by both my parents at a young age and I was always with a dog or two by my side.  I tried my hand in the veterinary field for a time, but ultimately decided that wasn't for me.  However, I now get to carry those skills with me into this passion. 

During the design and building process I kept Carson's comfort and safety at the forefront of everything.  From the no contact with other dogs design in our suites and outside runs to the maximum amount of one-on-one playtime with the staff.

Carson unfortunately passed before we finished our build but that opened our hearts to our new pup Tilly.  Tilly’s nature is the complete opposite, she is that "happy go lucky" dog.  I got to use her personality to help me finish the design and test the concept of SCC with the addition of enrichment add ons such as stuffed kongs, lick mats, puzzles and more all tested and approved by Tilly!

We know that every dog is special, has their own unique story and is loved by their family.  Our dream here at SCC is that we make them feel loved and safe while you can’t be here and that we honor each of their uniqueness’s.

I look forward to meeting you and your pup,

Kortney Phillips.

Family Dogs of SCC

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Carson was Kortney’s first love. A beautiful, loyal, and sometimes grumpy shepherd mix. She was by her side for 14 years, until early 2023.

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Indie joined our family as a pup 4 years ago and has had many challenges since. No matter what life throws at her she shows boundless love, joy, courage and a fearless protectiveness of her family.

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Tilly is the newest member of our family and though she is still a puppy with all the fun and challenges that brings, she has quickly stolen our hearts.

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